“You were very patient and understanding in your effort to make us feel comfortable throughout the entire project.  We were impressed with your integrity even as we were interviewing potential builders.  Your reputation is well deserved.”

 “As you know we host numerous parties in our home and without fail, our guests comment on the quality construction.  We feel the house is a masterpiece and it has been a source of enjoyment and pride for both of us.”

A satisfied BUI client lays the final brick.

“We have found all personnel, both principals in the company and sub-contractors, to be congenial, cooperative and faultlessly accommodating to our needs.  Great care is taken to screen and supervise all sub-contractors on their projects.  Quality is a high priority and a matter of personal pride.”

“We appreciated your honesty and openness in apprising us of our choices and the associated costs before proceeding.  Your knowledge and understanding of architectural plans coupled with on-site suggestions ensured and enhanced the beauty of our home.”

“We were living out of state during construction and our visits at the time were weeks apart.  However, when we did visit the site they were always available to meet with us for progress reports and discussion of upcoming phases….The workmanship in the house is outstanding.  On several occasions heating and air conditioning service people and other workmen have commented on the exceptional quality of construction.”

“The house was completed on time (even to the day promised) and within budget.  Post-construction warranty work was completed promptly and satisfactorily.  Indeed, all promises of Builders Unlimited were fulfilled without exception.”

“We chose you for quality and dependability, and that is what we received.”


“I have worked as an architect with Mr. Potter and Builders Unlimited on several projects over the past ten years.  In all circumstances, I was impressed with the quality of work performed by his company and the attention that he personally gave to each project.  For this reason I contracted with Builders Unlimited to build my personal residence….They completed the work ahead of schedule and within the allowable budget.  They are exceptional home builders!”

“…the work was done in an exemplary fashion with careful attention to quality of construction, conformance with our plans, and management of the contractual process.  Their attention to detail and concern for quality are on the very highest level….They are among the best contractors with whom we have worked.”

“I have found that Durham Potter is aware of the quality I expect from a builder, and has demonstrated to me the ability to provide that quality on every occasion.  He has excellent foresight and communication skills that have enabled us to identify potential problems before rework is required.”

“I have worked with more than forty builders in the last eleven years of designing and overseeing the construction of custom homes.  I rank my relationship with you and Builders Unlimited on the two projects as the most professional and capable working experience with a contractor that I’ve had."

“I look forward to any opportunity to work with you again.”

References will be furnished upon request.


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